About us

Established 30 years ago in Tokyo, “Monde Bar” has gained tremendous popularity for its ability to bring everything in perfect harmony: ingredients, cooking techniques, presentation, and service.

You can visit Monde Bar at 3 locations below:

  • Ginza, Tokyo
  • Shinagawa, Tokyo
  • Han Thuyen, Ho Chi Minh

Located in between the Reunification Palace and Notre Dame Cathedral, Monde Bar separates itself from the busy streets of Saigon, allowing guests to leave behind their chaos and fully enjoy the peaceful state the bar offers.

Monde Bar’s sophisticated interior is heavily inspired by art and music (jazz in particular). The restaurant is adorned with high-quality contemporary artworks making it distinctive like it is telling a story of culinary experience.

The fountain at the entrance allows guest to sit and soak in the atmosphere while enjoying their drinks at the bar.

“Monde” could be understood as “water”; and Monde Bar’s owner believes: “Only good water could bring out excellent drinks”.

After several trials and failures, Monde Bar finally succeeded in establishing the slow-melting ice to serve guests in Vietnam. These ice cubes are then hand carved into spheres that look exactly like crystal balls. This will chill your drinks, but it will not dilute the drinks as quickly as traditional ice cubes.

At Monde Bar, treating guests with respect and meeting their needs is of our upmost importance. We deliver excellent experience ever since the customers step into our place. Monde Bar takes pride in our superior service that never fails your expectation.

Monde Bar is a luxurious fine dining experience for many occasions such as business meetings, family/ couple dinners, …

Mr. Hasegawa has long played with Hospitality industry. He is now working as a bartender at his late 60s. With his undimmed passion, fierce determination, ongoing creation and immerse skills, he has carefully instructed many of Monde Bar’s bartenders, wishing that one day Monde Bar Vietnam would have the world’s best cocktail bartender.

Ice Ball Carving At MONDE BAR

Rolled Chicken Breast Wrapped By Bacon

Cod Fish Cooked At Low Temperatures